As We Are Now
Amy Hartl

As We Are Now

Amy Hartl

Welcome to As We Are Now

YOU Beyond Breast Cancer. Recover, Reconnect, Reclaim the woman you are, as you are now.

Hello, beautiful soul.

We’ve been waiting for you.

If you're here it means you've been through a lot.  You are a woman who's life has been forever changed by breast cancer. Regardless of your current cancer status you are never without the shadow it brings. And that sucks.

You may never be the same, but you can find a path towards finding yourself again.

This is a place where you don’t have to be a warrior. A place where you can claim your strength, not by showing up just to live, but by showing up so that you can LIVE WELL. So that you can be the best wife, mother, friend, the best version of YOU that you can be, as you are now. 

Cancer takes a lot from us, we can’t deny that. But there are things you can take back. You can learn to work with your body. To see, love, accept and respect her, just as she is. Together we can reclaim our right to be strong, confident, and empowered, just as we are now.

What is As We Are Now?

We are a home for women who have been impacted by breast cancer but refuse to be defined by it. 

Hundreds of thousands of women are newly diagnosed every year. Millions of women are living in survivorship. However the branding and messaging around breast cancer is very singular. 

To the public we are patients, fighters, warriors, survivors, thrivers. We are wrapped in ribbons and shades of pink. We run races in boxing gloves and tutus. We joke about our "foobs" and use cute language like "breasties" and "pink sisters". They want us smiling and brave and fierce and to celebrate our victories over cancer loud and proud.

But you know the real truth about breast cancer. It is not pretty and it doesn't always leave you feeling ready to celebrate.

You can be strong and still be vulnerable. You can be proud and still not want to be labeled. You can be surviving and still not want to talk about it publicly. You can need support and still not feel seen nor heard if you don't fit the mold the world has created for you.

You are a Woman, complex and unique.


Together, we are learning to recover from the physical and emotional challenges of breast cancer by exploring our relationships with ourselves and each other so that we can reclaim a sense of personal empowerment and self-reliance. 

We are here to learn to feel beautiful and confident as women again, as we are now. Whether you have recently completed your surgeries and treatments, are living years out but still trying to find your way in your “new normal”, or living with the daily challenges of metastatic disease while trying to live well, you are welcome here.

Through our Body Empowerment Program and private online membership Community, you can learn to understand the ongoing changes to your body caused by surgery and active treatment as well as the challenges to your lifestyle, and learn to play an active role in your recovery and survivorship.

(Please Note: Purchasing through the Mighty Networks iOS app will result in a higher cost due to Apple's fees. Once you are enrolled through the web version however you can use the iOS or Android apps without any additional costs.)

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